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Wednesday, December 9, 2009


a few more weeks to x'mas!
decided to create my own original characters with the theme "seasons". since it's winter now, i've already started on my winter character.


yet to decide a name for him yet,
not to mention coloring him up as well.^p^
my 4 season characters is going to be my beloved mascots! XD

another thing that i've done..
fiddled with my blog's template a little. started and added twitter , it's a wonder why i even started "tweet-ing" LOL.
had a hard time deciding whether or not to include a background music to my blog. in the end? yeah i did, obviously lol.

broadcasted today as well, had fun interacting with my listeners regarding x'mas~ got introduced some wonderful x'mas songs by them. and for some reason, sang "last christmas" LOL. it was f*cking embarrassing. X3;

and they were like, "it's not enough!"


seriously.. lacking.. mangas.. to read.. dying.. soon..

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