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Saturday, December 5, 2009

steal! & yugioh

finished Kiryuu's route yesterday night!!
at first i was rather surprised when hiroC's gonna play the seme role.
and man! he's good!! still, he sounded queen-ish.(*´ヮ`*)


now that i've cleared 3, 4 more to go... wow, that's a lot LOL.


gotta say my favorite route was Dio's. totally cried at his alternate ending. i wouldn't consider it a real happy ending but.. atleast the main character didn't die.^p^;


although Dio's route is the best one(to me), as an individual, Taiyou's the greatest of'em all!! he's cute, active, amusing, simple-minded and just plain dumb. XDD if i were to say, he'd make the perfect boyfriend.^p^

lastly, its today!! the niconama's YUGIOH TAG COMPETITION. omfg, i think i'm gonna die. Justa and BM's going to participate as well. i don't think i stand a chance winning... ^p^;; i'm not even sure if i could make it pass the first round. orz anyone tagging with me is going to DIE. LOL.

well the competition is tonight, and i'm planning to use my D-former deck. atleast it's better then my other pathetic decks. X3;;

wish me luck!!!^p^;;;;

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