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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Honma Akira

curse the days i can't dl from megaupload.
maybe i should seriously get myself a premium account again...

well lately i've been reading back mangas by Honma Akira-sensei.
mangas like...
(left to right)
"Last Portrait", "The Judged" & "A Love That Conquers Gods".

again, the above three, the stories are so god damn heart-aching.
but happy-ending makes me a, well, happy girl. (*'w'*)v
i gotta say i really like Honma-sensei's art style. her manga's stories were really well-planned as well and it grabs the readers's hearts. or maybe i'm just too emotional?(swt)

then there's also the new one, "Usagi Otoko Tora Otoko".
which is like, super cute. XD

it's only volume 1, and i just can't wait for volume 2!
it's about this tigerish dude and a rabbit-like kiddo.
kiddo? pardon me, he's a doc so he must be an adult. LOL.

although i hate reading stories about weak ukes, this little rabbit is different. he's just too cute to not like him! <33 oh and that tiger-yakuza-guy. ADORABLE. LOL. his actions were just too stupid LMAO.
(i'm so darn weak against guys that are manly on the outside, yet so stupidly childish on the inside.)

good god i need more new mangas to read.
i've been craving for mangas lately. mangas with GOOD STORIES.

oh yeah before i forget. Natsume Isaku-sensei's きら星ダイヤル drama cd is releasing tomorrow!! ah, it's today already. XDD can't wait to hear it!! also, Starry Sky ~in winter~ releasing this coming friday! I NEED TO PLAY THIS. <33 YUUKYAN <33

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