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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Went out today and finally I've collected my JLPT 3 certificate! Was thinking of enrolling into JCS... I wonder if it's the right decision?

Anyways, I had fun hanging out at Clarke Quey's Liang Court with my friends today! Sucked that it rained though. I've finally gotten my latest B's Log issue<3 And my Adekan mangas as well! I didn't thought that the mangas will come that quick. As in, I'm expecting only volume 2, but both volume 1 and 2 came! So there goes my money. I'm satisfied though. Luckily I've managed to save enough money.

Next month, April, is going to suck my wallet dry. There's B's Log, Girl's Style and B's Log DOLCE. Each of'em costing 20 over dollars.

And I've pre-ordered that Shiki/Akira cushion that I wanted at Animaxis.

But I'm not sure if they'll get enough stocks to deliver mine since I'm the last one to order. It's worrying me... Hopefully I'll be able to get this one cos I really want this. Shiki looks so god damn cool over there and Akira's legs are...*cough* I mean, Akira's cute. Yeah. XD;

Back to my spoils for today...
Hakuoki's on the front cover this time. XD
Its popularity scares me a little. Seriously.
Although I do like the character designs.

Talk about special treatment in the cover. LOL.
It's pretty cool that the cover page can be extended like this.
I'm rather surprised by this. XD;

The extra stuffs that came with the magazine.
It's a big piece of sticker of Hakuoki
and Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 3rd Story's note book, which is called "Spring Note". XD

There's the Spring Note.
It's pretty darn cute to me. <3
Won't be using the book though lol. I'll just keep it like the previous score book.

The magazine also included a special DVD!
Quite a lot of stuffs in this month's issue huh. XD
The DVD contains 2 demo otome games and a folder with loads of really neat wallpapers!

Can't resist changing my wallpaper. <3
Had a hard time choosing it though.

My Adekan books<3
Have yet to read volume 2, shall do so later on!!
Flipped a few pages and man... TOO SLASHY.
And I like it. -w-
The colored pictures in the two volumes also caught my attention.
I wanna scan it in my computer but I'm afraid that it'll damage my book...
It's so beautifully drawn!

Sexy Shirou here<33

Shirou's brother, Anri. Another sexy one. XD

Still, the perfect toned body of a policemen... Really hawt.

Full view.<3

This one's from volume 2.
I seriously wanna kneel down and kowtow to Tsukiji Nao-sensei.
Love her artwork like, so much!
Thanks for the sexy Shirou<33

Beloved Koujirou<3333
As handsome as ever! Shirou's guardian LOL.

Though Anri plays the villain role, he still took my heart<3
Shirou+Anri = Sexy brothers? LOL.

Full view.<33

And that's all for today's post!
Shall get back to my Adekan volume 2<3

Sunday, March 28, 2010

It's been awhile

Since my last blogging post.

Frankly speaking, I'm getting bored of blogging. But I'm gonna keep to it anyway. :3
What had happened and what's happening now. I'll just summarise it quick in this one post without any pictures.

`Had fun in Malaysia, Genting highlands. Took lots of pictures and a couple of videos. Will write a more detail blog post about it as soon as I've found the time.

`Kiniro No Corda 3. It's here and I've finished Ritsu's route<3 It has improved from 2f, but the story lacked love for music. All they're talking about is the whole competition thingy. And it resembles Prince Of Tennis A LOT. I'm cool with the characters though. The gameplay system has improved as well. Overall, I'm satisfied. Will write a more detailed post on it as well.

`Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 3rd Story. Playasia has started accepting pre-orders, but problem is, they don't have the limited edition version which I wanted. I can buy the normal version any time. So I was thinking of asking my jap friends to help me on this one. Buying through Konami Style.

`Sex Pistols OVA. It's released now! But there's nowhere to be found online. Except for the first half of it. It's still good to quench my thirst for it for awhile. Since it has already included the XXX scenes LOL. Again, nothing explicit, lots of coverage. Unlike Sensitive Pornograph and Boku No Pico. I was hoping it'll be more explicit. Oh wells. Sorry for being a pervert. The opening song is pure win. I'm really hooked onto it right now. Hopefully they'll release a full single on this one. Currently waiting for the full OVA.

`My B's log magazine is here, now I've gotta drop by Kino to get it. It's weird for them not having information on B's Log DOLCE 2010 though. It's going to be released tomorrow... And I'm desperate in getting the march issue of COOL-B magazine. Corda 3's on the cover and Ritsu is too beautiful. Maybe I should just try ordering it through amazon... But it's so god damn costly...

That's it for now.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

3rd Story Preorder!!


Preorder has started at the Konami Store site!
You'll also get a B2 poster if you were to order it before 31st March. Great. I want that poster and I just have to remind myself that I LIVE IN SINGAPORE. Seriously. I hate myself. I just can't get all the good stuffs living here. Someone has to do something about it and that someone is me. I'm gonna say goodbye to Singapore one day, and that day had better be SOON.

Alright back to topic. I squee-ed my lungs out after refreshing 3rd Story's official site. The cover of the game is just so pretty! Gotta love the sakura concept and everything. Sure hope they'll make a keychain out of that sakura logo. :3

There's two editions to this one.
And the difference in price is pretty huge.

I'll show you the tokutens coming with it first.

If you were to order the Platinum edition, you'll get this two babies:
1. Remember the earrings from the two princes?
Yeah, they actually made a keychain version out of it.

It's called the "Charm Collection".
L for Luka(Ruka)
K for Kouichi
I'm crazy about Kou-chan right now so that keychain is really tempting me.

2. Another part of the Charm Collection.
Metal chibi versions of the characters!
I mean, how cute can they get!?

So when you put it with the above earring together...
You get this! I thought it looked REALLY NICE. Seriously.
Would really love to have this handphone strap...
The design on the strap looks great as well.

I'll summarise the two editions.
Photobucket Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 3rd Story (DS)
Photobucket Original Soundtrack
Photobucket SPECIAL EXTRA: Habataki Watcher (Should be a detail book or some sort)
Photobucket 3rd Story Charm Collection

`Kira Kira Bag Hanger
(ref: Bag Hanger)
`Primrose(sakura-sou) Handbag
(ref: Handbag)
(ref: Sakura-sou)

Cost: 12,470円 ($193 SGD)

Photobucket Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 3rd Story (DS)
Photobucket Original Soundtrack
Photobucket SPECIAL EXTRA: Habataki Watcher (Should be a detail book or some sort)

`Kira Kira Bag Hanger
(ref: Bag Hanger)

Cost: 9,470円 ($146 SGD)
It's a pretty huge difference ain't it?
And that's without shipping cost.
I'm gonna wait till Play-asia updates it.

Problem now is, which to buy?
The soundtrack and the habataki watcher book can be bought seperately. And to be frank, I THINK I don't need it... But the tokutens are different... I want that charm collection! And that handbag too... Sounds very tempting. Although the picture of it has yet to be shown. $193 is well, expensive...

It's said to be released in Summer. Which is, June? July?
Though it's not decided yet.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


I can't believe I've totally forgotten about all that drama yesterday! Thanks my friends, couldn't live without you guys. ;D

Awesome day turned even better when a cute guy came aboard the same bus as us. Then came acrossed another cool-looking CONSTRUCTION WORKER, who's a gentleman. First time in my life had I seen such a great-looking construction worker! Lovely guy really. Wish him all the best in his work. :3 After that comes another IKEMEN cashier at Liang Court's Kinokuniya. I feel bad for letting him handle my BL manga. Sorry man.

I wonder what's wrong today? Ikemen-galore!
Thank you god for giving us such rare eye-candies!

Anyways, here's today's spoils!
Finally, my B's Log magazine after a month!
As usual, lovely contents.<3

Can't resist showing off my baby, Kou-chan.<3

Then there's the extra book from the magazine. Scared Rider score book!
Though I can't compose anything though. I know absolutely nothing about musical notes. I'll just keep this book anyways.

Back part of the book.<3

The inside of the book.
Love the sketchy illustration part at the bottom.

The BL manga that I've bought. Sorry cashier guy. XD;
Titled, "Fetishist No Koi". It's fairly good.

Tried ordering Adekan from Kino, and there's a high chance they could no longer get volume 1. It's alright, volume 2's fine. :3

It's going to be a boring day for me tomorrow. I just know it.
But who cares? I'm gonna have my own fun in my way. Screw the rest. ('w'*)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Kiniro No Corda 3

I was thinking, thinking of whether or not should I buy this game.
It's rather pricey, and I was not as hooked on this one as the Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side series. I was so sure that the only otome game that I'll ever get addicted to is Tokimeki. 'Cos I've tried some other otome games and they all bores me. Including Starry Sky. No offence, I still like Starry Sky though. But such click and go games bores me easily, even with good storylines.

TMGS is different with its unique gameplay system, and that's how got into me. Then I started trying out Kiniro No Corda 2f. It was extraordinary! Just when I thought there's no other otome games with unique gameplay system, this came up! Before I knew it, I was hooked. Seriously hooked.

Thus, after looking at the PV above and self-persuation. I've decided to just buy the god damn game! Who cares if it's pricey! I'm gonna support the original and hopefully when KOEI earned enough money for this one, they'll want to make a 4th one! X3

I'm late for the "Treasure Box" edition of the game, so I'll just stick with the "Premium Box".

Ordered it at playasia and shipping by FEDEX. Paid extra $20++ for the shipping fees. I just wanna get it QUICK. Thanks to this game, I've gotta say goodbye to my $157. All that for a game huh. Normal people would think I'm crazy, and it's a total waste of money! Sorry to be an otaku. ('w'*)v

After this one, I've gotta start saving up for Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 3rd Story, which will be releasing this year as well! For this one, I'm gonna pre-order and get the limited edition version. I'm expecting it to be around $100~$150. WITHOUT SHIPPING COST. Anywho, I'm gonna play safe, and prepare $200.

Can't wait to get my hands on Corda 3. Been wanting to play it since forever!
I shall not regret buying it.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


This manga is absolutely AWESOME.
For a fujyoshi that is, it'll totally gross out male-readers with all those fanservices. LOL. I wouldn't be surprise if it'll become an anime someday. The story has potential! So anime's a little too far, but how bout drama cds? I would really like to hear a drama cd version of it.

Talk about the fanservices, there's just way too many to list. The main character is too hawt. WAY too hawt. A policeman's friend is an assassin? Count me in. The art is poison, and the story is venom. I don't need any antidote for this one. I'm good as dead for this manga.

I'm so hooked, I'm gonna order the original japanese version of the manga from Kinokuniya tomorrow. Both volume 1 and 2. It seems that this manga is going at a slow pace, publishing at a single volume per year. I'm gonna rot waiting lol.

See what I mean about the art? Volume 2's even more tempting.
Now I just hope that it will not end fast. Atleast till the 8th volume.

I'm really fond of the characters, especially the male lead, Yoshihara Shirou.
Mysterious, alluring, sexy and a total NUTHEAD LOL.
He lives alone and he can't cook! He doesn't wear his clothes properly and he don't eat decently! Don't get me going on how much he dislikes wearing underwears(fundoshi) lmao! Oh and he have weird tastes. XD;

Pity the policeman, Yamada Koujirou(?) for taking the mother role. <3
(Can't figure out how to read his last name, googled a little and I'm 80% sure it's "Koujirou".)

Anyways, I'm liking this manga more then I thought I would.
Tsukiji Nao-sensei's a genius! <3

Thursday, March 11, 2010

To Do List

So I've been neglecting a few stuffs.
Time to note down those that I just gotta do.
Forgetting is not an excuse.

〆Drop by NYP to submit form.
〆Call the lady-boss about my pay.
〆Visit the Japanese Embassy for JET/ALT consultation.
〆Get a job.
〆Enroll into JCS Japanese Language School.
〆Get my JLPT 3 certificate.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010



My first tablet-based artwork after a long awhile I guess.
As usual, I don't like CG-ing. ('w'*)
But I had fun sketching out this dude.

In the past, I used to have naive thoughts and dreams of becoming something I know it's impossible. I was in my fairytale land. Now, I'm accepting reality as it is. I guess your mind matures as you grow older? To make it possible in life, I'm trying to stay positive and be forward-looking.

I've chose to quit school and proceed to another path.
It's my decision and I'm not going to whine and regret.

My aim now? You'll laugh if I were to say it out.
Don't worry, it's not going to be a hollywood actress lol!
It's much more achievable then my previous targets.

I'm not going to make my life a boring one either. (*'w'*)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Everyday Diary

It's been awhile since my last update, so I thought now's a good time to post something new. Not that I've got anything to say though lol.

I'm just having my normal life, there's nothing special to blog about.

So recently I'm in love with the violin & the orchestra. Every single sound from the instrument just makes my heart skip and it also makes me feel alive! Maybe I should just live off classical musics from now on lmao. Kidding. XD After looking at the electric violins from certain videos in youtube, it gave me the urge to want to buy one.

The design and everything, simply awesome. Or should I say sexy?

You just gotta admit they're sexy. I'm totally in love with that white one.
There's also more hawt designs. And I am so sure the price is going to be a real "hawt" one as well.

Next, about magazines. I'm thinking of ordering a new one call "COOL-B", rather then otome-games, it's got more details on the BL ones. But problem is I'm not sure if Kinokuniya will order it for me since it's... Homo stuffs. Wonder what's wrong with importing BL stuffs into Singapore? (Oh yeah, it's illegal. What kinda law is this anyway? Discriminating much.)

Homosexuals have their rights too. The Lord made gays and lesbians for a reason and they should not be discriminated. But I guess SOME countries just won't understand. (*points at the little red dot on the globe*)'s one of'em. Sigh.

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