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Saturday, March 20, 2010


I can't believe I've totally forgotten about all that drama yesterday! Thanks my friends, couldn't live without you guys. ;D

Awesome day turned even better when a cute guy came aboard the same bus as us. Then came acrossed another cool-looking CONSTRUCTION WORKER, who's a gentleman. First time in my life had I seen such a great-looking construction worker! Lovely guy really. Wish him all the best in his work. :3 After that comes another IKEMEN cashier at Liang Court's Kinokuniya. I feel bad for letting him handle my BL manga. Sorry man.

I wonder what's wrong today? Ikemen-galore!
Thank you god for giving us such rare eye-candies!

Anyways, here's today's spoils!
Finally, my B's Log magazine after a month!
As usual, lovely contents.<3

Can't resist showing off my baby, Kou-chan.<3

Then there's the extra book from the magazine. Scared Rider score book!
Though I can't compose anything though. I know absolutely nothing about musical notes. I'll just keep this book anyways.

Back part of the book.<3

The inside of the book.
Love the sketchy illustration part at the bottom.

The BL manga that I've bought. Sorry cashier guy. XD;
Titled, "Fetishist No Koi". It's fairly good.

Tried ordering Adekan from Kino, and there's a high chance they could no longer get volume 1. It's alright, volume 2's fine. :3

It's going to be a boring day for me tomorrow. I just know it.
But who cares? I'm gonna have my own fun in my way. Screw the rest. ('w'*)

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