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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bookfair & 3rd Story

Went out with my friends yesterday for the entire day!
As seen in the above photo, we went to Suntec's bookfair, and those are my loots for yesterday! Let's see if I can finish everything within next week. XD Leila's artworks are love♥

The bookfair wasn't as good as two years ago. Maybe it's because they've just opened it, but... Who knows? There seems to be fewer things to see this year. Kinda disappointed, but oh well. I had my fun with my friends.♥

Another thing, it's about 3rd Story.
I'm really excited for the release of it and I'd do anything to get my hands on the Platinum Set. I waited for Playasia to open their pre-orders since like, a month ago? But there's no luck. Emailed them the day before yesterday about it and they told me they're not even sure if they could get the item. I was really disappointed, and already considering giving up on it.

I didn't get to order it at YES-asia due to its high cost($300++ wtf?), and I regretted it... The day before yesterday that is.

Then, I'm not sure if it's my shear dumb luck or what, I just opened the playasia website to check on it again when I'm out yesterday. AND THEY OPENED THE PREORDERS!! I was like, "of all times and it had to be when I'm out!". I was thinking of pre-ordering it when I get home, but somehow I just can't wait and went on ordering it.

After a few hours, I went checking the Platinum Set on the website again...

I was dumbfounded.
If I chose to order it when I reach home yesterday,
I wouldn't have been able to get it...

I was really desperate for it, and Playasia just had to open the preorders when I'm OUT! I wonder if I really am lucky for managing to pre-order it yesterday... Then again, I hope nothing cocks up last minute, making me unable to get my Platinum Set... I'd cry, like, really cry out loud.

Lucky or not, let's see if they'll ship as accordingly on the release date, June 24th. :3

Okay back to yesterday.
We went hanging out at Changi Airport after that till nightfall. Although it was just chatting and all, I had fun. X3 Rui, Yun, Chian & Susanna!! Thanks for the wonderful day yesterday! XD

Oh and I'll make sure I update my blog more frequently lol!!
Plurk, facebook and twitter is making me lazy. Ohohoho♥

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Moar Anthologies

Finally, my reborn anthology book collections now have over 10 volumes.

Yesterday Kinokuniya's having a 20% discount for all members, can't help but grabbed however much I can. Am just happy enough that I got my Reborn Colore artbook♥
Wished it'll be bigger though, but oh well♥

Yesterday's spoils♥

Got 2 more last week as well.
Noticed the anthologies I bought are either Gokudera!uke or Hibari!uke?
Biased yes.♥
Wanted to get some 6927 ones but I can't find it!
There's afew Tsuna!uke based ones but I can only accept 6927 & 4827.
So if I were to buy the Tsuna!uke based anthologies, I'm sure I'll be spammed with 5927 and 1827 short comics... Which I DO NOT WANT. :3

Hopefully Kinokuniya Liangcourt will import more reborn anthologies!

Current reborn anthology collection... And still counting. -w-b

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