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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Hey guys! Just wanna tell you that I've moved to using livejournal!


Do drop by and leave a comment!
I'm sure I'll reply faster over there since I'll be notified easily.
Actually, I've moved over there for quite some time now, about two weeks I guess. XD;

Just wanna give you guys the heads up. Sorry for the trouble! (^-^;)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Saturday, June 5, 2010

She's an idiot←

Yeah, it's me. I'm a pathetic idiot.
Apologies and thanks to ponytale & izanagi_mori for the comments!
I'm seriously a blockhead for not expecting any comments in my blog, thus ignoring the possibilities of people ever leaving comments here. *shoots herself in the head*

I've learnt my lesson and I've finally placed a "Recent Comments" widget to my right sidebar

Once again, I'm really sorry. Orz
Cos you see, this is a really boring blog of my personal life, so I didn't really expect anyone would want to read it. ;w; Thanks for those who read my entries though! m(_ _)m

And since I've been lacking updates recently, I'm bound to lose some readers LOL!
Okay, not just "some" but a whole lot.
Oh well? XD;

I've been really darn active at Plurk with my fangirlings though. 'w';;
Anyone with the same interests as me, feel free to drop me a message over at any of my plurk updates and add me as a friend! It's always fun to fangirl with a group of people with similar interests!! Although I'm not as active on Twitter, but if you've got a twitter account, feel free to add as well! It's all over at my right sidebar ------------>>

I'll try to update my blog often as well!

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