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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

April discs


〆4/21 ラッキードッグ1 SPRING CHANCE
〆4/21 野獣で初恋
〆4/23 異国色恋浪漫譚 3
〆4/25 嘘と誤解は恋のせい

There's still two more that I wanna hear that's not out yet though♥
I didn't expect Lucky Dog1's Spring Chance to release on this month, so I'm really happy about it!! I'm also very satisfied with the above 4!

1. Lucky Dog1 Spring Chance
The cover's got it all written on it. Luchino & Bernardo♥
Although I'm not a big fan of Luchino, but the short story in this cd is pretty cute! I wanna see small little Luchiny too!! The Bernardo part is awesome as well, seriously, I dropped tears listening to the last few tracks. CR:5 all the way!

Can't wait for the fandisk, +Bad Egg to release!

2. Yajyuu De Hatsukoi
I preferred Kondou Takashi play the uke role,
so actually, I was not interested in this cd.
But after reading the manga, I was like, "why not try it out?"
And it turned out pretty good! Now I'm a big fan of both uke AND seme roles by Kon-chan♥ Still, I prefer the uke ones. b
Story wise and simple and cute. Who doesn't love a toshishita-seme?♥

3. Uso To Gokai Wa Koi No Sei
It was so darn adorable!! Too cute!! It's got the word "MOE" in every track!!
Am not a big fan of timid and weak ukes, but this one is out of the world!
A simple love story starts with a survey♥
And I think I've fallen for the seme in this one LOL. I mean, he'd make such a wonderful boyfriend and husband!

I can repeatedly listen to this cd for so many times!
But I felt that it's a little too short. I wish there'll be a sequel to it, but I don't think there'll be one since the novel's only a single volume... *sigh*

4. Ikoku Irokoi Romantan 3
It's been awhile!!
Love the manga and the previous 2 drama cds and this one's great as well!
Al's still as charming as ever and Ranmaru's... Well, himself. XD
Love the fact that they made a story about Ginji♥
And the 2nd part of the cd was pure crack! Al and Ranmaru switched body♥
Cracked up so much when Al took advantage of it and touched everywhere!! LOL!

Anyway, it's a fun disk to listen to. ♥

Two more disks releasing on the 28th!!
Can't wait!!


Oh! and something else...
Plurk and Twitter's makes me update my blog lesser and lesser each day. Oh well. ♥

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A friend's birthday. &59♥

More like mah wife's. ♥
Just stay cheerful and crazy as always. ♥

Had fun hanging out with my wives today.
Chatted lots and it always feels great talking tons of stuffs with them.
And something I've learned today:
You'll end up with mc'donald.

Oh well, we'll eat Saizeriya next time 'kay? XD
(Or maybe Botejyu... Although it's kinda expensive.)

Thanks Rui for treating us to eat this, Pino. ♥
It's delicious! Too bad there's no stars in this one. Maybe next time. bb

I had my eye on this anthology for a week or two, but I'm not sure whether if it's Gokudera uke or seme-base. After checking it up and made sure that it's uke-based, I've managed to buy this book.♥

Funny thing about this book is when I'm paying for it at the cashier.
For the first time, the cashier asked me about my age LOL.
Well she IS a different cashier from the previous one, which is a guy btw, and I've let him handled 4, 5 of my Hitman Reborn BL anthologies and he has never asked me about my age.

Thank god I'm already 18 and good to go. X3;;

Alright about this book...
"Decoration Hayato, mou ikkai!"
There's 1859, 2759, L59 and most of all, 8059♥♥♥

L59 is pure weird to me.
1859 feels darn yuri.
2759 was alright but I still don't feel right about it.
8059's the best.♥

Okay I'm being bias.
No offence to the above pairing shippers. XD;;
It's overall a really good book though. I'm satisfied with it!
Now I need more TYL 8059 stuffs.

Sure hopes that Kinokuniya Liang Court will start re-stocking their KHR anthologies.
Decoration Hayato's already the 6th book I've bought from them!
There's still some that's got my attention but I've yet to buy. Maybe I should go for the Varia-based anthology... Then again, recently I'm liking 6927.♥ I might just buy off 3/4 of the KHR anthologies available there lmao!!

Addictions are oh so frightful.♥

Friday, April 9, 2010

More Reborn addiction


Seriously. I'm officially broke.
And there's still anthologies that I want.
But I guess that'll have to wait, maybe next week. ;w;
Tried ordering the latest Girl's Style issue but I'm late...
Will call up the Orchard branch tomorrow and hope that I can still get it. *prays*

Anyways, here's my spoils for today.
I was actually gonna spend my money on anthologies,
but I just couldn't help it but want these 2 mangas. XD;
2 of my favorite mangakas♥

4 Hitman Reborn Comic Anthologies!♥♥
Xanxus x Squalo, Yamamoto x Gokudera, Dino x Hibari
and Hibari-uke.♥

I've yet to read them, but I'm liking them already.
Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with my spoils today. X3

Also, I've changed my wallpaper!
Can't resist. ;3

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn

I didn't think I'd get so addicted. Seriously.
I use to think that the anime is way too long and judged it like any other JUMP manga/anime. Guess I'm so darn wrong.

In every single arc, putting the fillers aside, never fail to surprise me.
I had my jaw dropped wide open when each arc concluded.
The future arc was the best one ever.

Alright part of me urges me to watch it because of the possible pairings, but now, I kinda like the whole picture more than certain pairs now. As in, the Vongola Family. I'm seriously touched by them. And I've grown fond of some characters whom I used to think nothing of.

It's a great anime unlike Naruto or Bleach. Not that I've got anything against them, but it's the truth. The whole Famiglia setting is awesome. The new ending song even had me teared.

Now I wish KHR will not end. Atleast not any sooner.
I want it to last. Longer than Naruto. I don't mind if it's fillers,
I just wanna see their lifestyle and everything. :3


Friday, April 2, 2010

Storm Lover♥

It's April Fool yesterday and look what D3's given us in Storm Lover?


New April Fools Day wallpaper!
Wasn't it just cool? Although the feel is totally opposite as of the original. XD

I hanged around the site for awhile
and guess what I dug up at the screenshot section?
New screenshots duh. LOL.
It's the バカップル mode!! Aka, stupid couples. XDD
Kyousuke and Mio's ones are the best<3
*Needs more cute blushing guys to squee at*

*hugs laptop screen*
Tsundere much. ♥

And Mio's trying to sing that "song". XDDD
I LOL-ed so hard when I saw this. ♥

I am SO gonna go for these two once I get the game!
Can't wait till this summer!

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