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Friday, April 2, 2010

Storm Lover♥

It's April Fool yesterday and look what D3's given us in Storm Lover?


New April Fools Day wallpaper!
Wasn't it just cool? Although the feel is totally opposite as of the original. XD

I hanged around the site for awhile
and guess what I dug up at the screenshot section?
New screenshots duh. LOL.
It's the バカップル mode!! Aka, stupid couples. XDD
Kyousuke and Mio's ones are the best<3
*Needs more cute blushing guys to squee at*

*hugs laptop screen*
Tsundere much. ♥

And Mio's trying to sing that "song". XDDD
I LOL-ed so hard when I saw this. ♥

I am SO gonna go for these two once I get the game!
Can't wait till this summer!

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