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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Went out today and finally I've collected my JLPT 3 certificate! Was thinking of enrolling into JCS... I wonder if it's the right decision?

Anyways, I had fun hanging out at Clarke Quey's Liang Court with my friends today! Sucked that it rained though. I've finally gotten my latest B's Log issue<3 And my Adekan mangas as well! I didn't thought that the mangas will come that quick. As in, I'm expecting only volume 2, but both volume 1 and 2 came! So there goes my money. I'm satisfied though. Luckily I've managed to save enough money.

Next month, April, is going to suck my wallet dry. There's B's Log, Girl's Style and B's Log DOLCE. Each of'em costing 20 over dollars.

And I've pre-ordered that Shiki/Akira cushion that I wanted at Animaxis.

But I'm not sure if they'll get enough stocks to deliver mine since I'm the last one to order. It's worrying me... Hopefully I'll be able to get this one cos I really want this. Shiki looks so god damn cool over there and Akira's legs are...*cough* I mean, Akira's cute. Yeah. XD;

Back to my spoils for today...
Hakuoki's on the front cover this time. XD
Its popularity scares me a little. Seriously.
Although I do like the character designs.

Talk about special treatment in the cover. LOL.
It's pretty cool that the cover page can be extended like this.
I'm rather surprised by this. XD;

The extra stuffs that came with the magazine.
It's a big piece of sticker of Hakuoki
and Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 3rd Story's note book, which is called "Spring Note". XD

There's the Spring Note.
It's pretty darn cute to me. <3
Won't be using the book though lol. I'll just keep it like the previous score book.

The magazine also included a special DVD!
Quite a lot of stuffs in this month's issue huh. XD
The DVD contains 2 demo otome games and a folder with loads of really neat wallpapers!

Can't resist changing my wallpaper. <3
Had a hard time choosing it though.

My Adekan books<3
Have yet to read volume 2, shall do so later on!!
Flipped a few pages and man... TOO SLASHY.
And I like it. -w-
The colored pictures in the two volumes also caught my attention.
I wanna scan it in my computer but I'm afraid that it'll damage my book...
It's so beautifully drawn!

Sexy Shirou here<33

Shirou's brother, Anri. Another sexy one. XD

Still, the perfect toned body of a policemen... Really hawt.

Full view.<3

This one's from volume 2.
I seriously wanna kneel down and kowtow to Tsukiji Nao-sensei.
Love her artwork like, so much!
Thanks for the sexy Shirou<33

Beloved Koujirou<3333
As handsome as ever! Shirou's guardian LOL.

Though Anri plays the villain role, he still took my heart<3
Shirou+Anri = Sexy brothers? LOL.

Full view.<33

And that's all for today's post!
Shall get back to my Adekan volume 2<3

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