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Friday, March 19, 2010

Kiniro No Corda 3

I was thinking, thinking of whether or not should I buy this game.
It's rather pricey, and I was not as hooked on this one as the Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side series. I was so sure that the only otome game that I'll ever get addicted to is Tokimeki. 'Cos I've tried some other otome games and they all bores me. Including Starry Sky. No offence, I still like Starry Sky though. But such click and go games bores me easily, even with good storylines.

TMGS is different with its unique gameplay system, and that's how got into me. Then I started trying out Kiniro No Corda 2f. It was extraordinary! Just when I thought there's no other otome games with unique gameplay system, this came up! Before I knew it, I was hooked. Seriously hooked.

Thus, after looking at the PV above and self-persuation. I've decided to just buy the god damn game! Who cares if it's pricey! I'm gonna support the original and hopefully when KOEI earned enough money for this one, they'll want to make a 4th one! X3

I'm late for the "Treasure Box" edition of the game, so I'll just stick with the "Premium Box".

Ordered it at playasia and shipping by FEDEX. Paid extra $20++ for the shipping fees. I just wanna get it QUICK. Thanks to this game, I've gotta say goodbye to my $157. All that for a game huh. Normal people would think I'm crazy, and it's a total waste of money! Sorry to be an otaku. ('w'*)v

After this one, I've gotta start saving up for Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 3rd Story, which will be releasing this year as well! For this one, I'm gonna pre-order and get the limited edition version. I'm expecting it to be around $100~$150. WITHOUT SHIPPING COST. Anywho, I'm gonna play safe, and prepare $200.

Can't wait to get my hands on Corda 3. Been wanting to play it since forever!
I shall not regret buying it.

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