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Saturday, March 13, 2010


This manga is absolutely AWESOME.
For a fujyoshi that is, it'll totally gross out male-readers with all those fanservices. LOL. I wouldn't be surprise if it'll become an anime someday. The story has potential! So anime's a little too far, but how bout drama cds? I would really like to hear a drama cd version of it.

Talk about the fanservices, there's just way too many to list. The main character is too hawt. WAY too hawt. A policeman's friend is an assassin? Count me in. The art is poison, and the story is venom. I don't need any antidote for this one. I'm good as dead for this manga.

I'm so hooked, I'm gonna order the original japanese version of the manga from Kinokuniya tomorrow. Both volume 1 and 2. It seems that this manga is going at a slow pace, publishing at a single volume per year. I'm gonna rot waiting lol.

See what I mean about the art? Volume 2's even more tempting.
Now I just hope that it will not end fast. Atleast till the 8th volume.

I'm really fond of the characters, especially the male lead, Yoshihara Shirou.
Mysterious, alluring, sexy and a total NUTHEAD LOL.
He lives alone and he can't cook! He doesn't wear his clothes properly and he don't eat decently! Don't get me going on how much he dislikes wearing underwears(fundoshi) lmao! Oh and he have weird tastes. XD;

Pity the policeman, Yamada Koujirou(?) for taking the mother role. <3
(Can't figure out how to read his last name, googled a little and I'm 80% sure it's "Koujirou".)

Anyways, I'm liking this manga more then I thought I would.
Tsukiji Nao-sensei's a genius! <3


  1. I found your blog from ponytales site. Your blog is full of yummy things! XD

    I think i just found me a new idol to look up too. I'm blown away by this artist artwork! I wonder if i can get my hands on the manga its looks really good!*_*

    And I'm so sorry for the uber late reply!! TwT
    Not sure if you're still reading this blog but I still wanna apologise! Orz

    I just had to notice this comment 2 months later Orz

    The manga is really good!! But I'm not sure if there's any scanlation team translating this. You can look around though! X3


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