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Sunday, January 31, 2010


Man work is hectic.
Especially when you're working in chinatown when chinese new year is coming. During weekends are WORSE. The croud just don't stop coming. It's great when you know you're earning money, but man... It's tiring.

Moneys are hard-earned.

I've been lacking sleeps, and at the end of each day, my heels will be sored and in deep shit. It's really tough. Don't get me ranting on some customers, they're hard to please. Some were fine though.

Working in a market is like hell, but since it's my dad's store, I don't get yelled at often. Pretty much to none. But it's still hell to me. XD;

The place that we're in charge of~
As usual, selling "Yu Sheng" like last year.
Seriously, next year, I'm gonna get an air-conditioned job LOL.

Typing this now is already tiring me. I'm like, really sleepy right now. But I guess I won't be asleep till 12am+. There's still mangas that I need to catch up on.

Today at Grandpa's house was AWESOME. XD
It's hella fun. A good way to relief stress I must say. Enjoyed chatting and fooling around with my cousins!! Love ya guys. ALOT! =D

Little Shanice's another medicine for me. She's such a cutie pie!! Absolutely adorable!! She's getting more and more talkative and playful!! Love that. XD

(This is taken from X'mas last year.)
Sometimes you just need a little healing from an innocent child. =3
Oh btw, I've managed to teach her a new word!!
"变态" aka, Pervert LOL.
Sorry for being a bad sister. *hides*

Friday, January 29, 2010

Irome & Cold Sleep

I'll start with Cold Sleep first,

I've read reviews about the novel that it's GOD-LIKE.
Really well-written, so I got curious about how the drama cd will be and what kind of story is it that got so many fans talking about it.


After listening to it, I'm really impressed...
Overall, it's BITTER-SWEET.
It starts with angst, lots of angst. Then it turns sweet. Which is my cup of tea.

The story's revolves around this 25 year old guy, Takahisa Tooru, who lost all his memories due to an accident. He was then rushed to the hospital. Nobody came for him except for one person, Fujishima Keishi. He claimed to be Tooru's best friend and asked Tooru to go live with him.

Fujishima's a man of few words, doesn't speak much. But he really cares for Tooru. There's a lot of misunderstandings and happenings between Fujishima and Tooru. All's well in the end though. I got seriously freaked out when Fujishima got stabbed!! Although I know he's not gonna die lol, but still it saddens me. I'm glad everything's okay.

2 discs = 2hr+ worth of story.
Sad there isn't any freetalks though. X3;
I hope to see their improved relationship!! So for the next two episode, I am SO gonna listen to it. Hopefully it's going to be a real happy ending for this two. Unlike "Borderline" which had me depressed for afew days lol! Don't get me wrong, I really like Borderline's story. XD
Consider it another classic.

Next, IROME.

They're sweet, caring and cute! TOO CUTE.
A real romantist I must say.
There's two stories in this one, featuring two different couples, but they're connected though. I kinda preferred the second one, "Chaos".

"When you've graduated, grown taller and became more matured, then you come back to me again."

That's how Shiragawa, a teacher, rejects student's proposal. It mean nothing, simply just to reject them cos noone will ever come back. But there is one. Mibuya, who once confessed to Shiragawa but got "rejected". Then after he graduated, he came back again growing taller and ofcourse, became a mature adult. Although Mibuya knew Shiragawa's not serious about that, but he still changed for him.

They got together somehow. Don't wanna type too long. XD
You gotta love Mibuya!! He's so hardworking and sweet!

Anyways, for this month. I've finished two drama cds that I wanted to hear.
There's somemore though lol. Am waiting PATIENTLY. YES. I'M WAITING PATIENTLY.
(*Note the sarcasm) (ノヮ`*)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

3rd Story - CHARACTERS

Tokimeki Memorial 3rd Story!!
yes i'm gonna fangirl over this again.
and i must say, is the artist biased over Ruka or what? XD
among all of them, Ruka's illustrations are the best LOL.

anyways, moving on.


Sakurai Ruka, aka THE PRINCE.
(Dream Seiyuu: Kamiya Hiroshi/Sakurai Takahiro)

the first charming guy i've layed my eyes on. i mean c'mon, look at him, who wouldn't like him at first sight? rebellious, cool, handsome. i swear he's going to be the first guy i'm going after. then again...

Sakurai Koichi, THE 2nd PRINCE.
(Dream Seiyuu: Suwabe Junichi/Itou Kentarou/Yasumoto Hiroki)

after hearing that he's Ruka's older brother, i'm like "WTF NO WAY." they just don't look alike! but they have similar traits. besides his scary looking face, he's actually really caring towards his beloved brother. he may not be the best looking guy, but after reading his personality and so, i'm coming to like him more and more. infact, i kinda like him more then Ruka now. XD

Fujiyama Arashi, THE SPORTY GUY.
(Dream Seiyuu: Maeno Tomoaki/Terashima Takuma)

he's the least appealing character between all of'em in 3rd story. maybe it's because of his looks? he looks normal maybe? or maybe there isn't enough love for the "sporty" kind of guy? but i'm so darn sure Kazuma in 1st love and Shiba in 2nd kiss's got more love. i actually find arashi's personality quite attractive. the hardworking type. i like that. ('w'*)

(Dream Seiyuu: Hatano Wataru/Hirakawa Daisuke)

the one point that i'm really interested in this dude is that he's Tamao's little brother! XD he's like the sweet gentle type, kinda like a good brother. i wouldn't mind having him helping me in my studies~ i'm really curious why he's so afraid of his sister though. LOL. TAMAO WHAT HAVE YOU BECOME AFTER 7 YEARS LMAO.

Niina Junpei, THE TRENDY GUY.
(Dream Seiyuu: Takeuchi Ken/Suzuki Tatsuhisa)

when i first read about this "kouhai", i thought, "oh must be another shorty." man was i wrong. thank you konami, i like being wrong. he's actually quite tall. and my first impression of his looks was SAEKI+HARI LOL. i'm not a big fan of trendy guys, but madoka in 1st love's different~ i'll see if i'll change my mind about him after playing the game. X3

Shitara Seiji, THE ARTISTIC GUY.
(Dream Seiyuu: Nakamura Yuuichi/Tachibana Shinnosuke)

one word, TSUNDERE.
rich, obnoxious and hell he's got an attitude problem. but hey, those are his qualities. XD besides all that, he's really good-looking. if we're going to rank by looks, he's definately in 2nd place after ruka. what makes him more attractive is that he plays the piano! and his hair, BEETHOVEN-INSPIRED LMAO.
=> Photobucket familiar? LOLOL.

now all that's left is the seiyuu, which will be released next month!
oh and they've yet to announce the TEACHER!!
and about the dream seiyuus above... i'll just pray hard LOL.

lastly, for the time being:

Friday, January 22, 2010

out shopping

went out the entire day today and it was awesome. XD
i had lotsa fun, and i've spent over $80 in BOOKS. LOL.
sorry for being an otaku/fujyoshi~

but what makes me an unhappy girl is my B's Log magazine...
it's supposed to be released on the 20th this month, but kinokuniya just have to have it ship by SEA. which means? i can only get my magazine somewhere next month. wtf?

i am SO ordering it myself through the net next time.
there's also girl's style in february, musn't miss that.


Clarke Quay's amazing as always.





singapore river. 8D

and what i bought today:

two mags filled with hawt guys. what can I love more? XD
nah, it's the style and fashion that i'm looking for.
need them as reference for illustrations.

finally got the junjou romantica artbook that i've always wanted!!!
it's almost 50 but less then 50 so, i just bought it. LOL.
and i'm so darn satisfied with it. simple AWESOME.

the receipt. lucky number huh. XD
8181, bye bye~

Sunday, January 17, 2010

work area

cleared some stuffs in my room and now i've got myself a working area!
work as in, draw stuffs.
i've placed all my reference books, artbooks, stationaries, table lamp, mirror, everything i need there. it's just awesome! now all i want is copic markers and some ink bottles. <3



my beloved work desk <3

Thursday, January 14, 2010

personal website !

i've finally got my own personal website!!
been wanting this for quite awhile.

had a real hard time dealing with the html code but everything worked out fine with dreamweaver. <3 i'll be drawing more fanarts from now on, and so to advertise my site through search machines. hopefully it'll be fine. X3;

don't really got much confident in it since my artworks are pretty sucky...
i'll still put in my best effort nontheless!

oh! and i've managed to color up the nude model. XD;
it looked 20 times more rated then the uncolored one now. LOL.
i was thinking whether or not i should post up this blog...

upon minutes of thinking, i will. LOL.
so once again.



again, i didn't color it seriously, but i kinda prefer it this way. simple and well, easy lol. the original size of this one is way bigger the what i have here. i'll be uploading the original file to my website. if ya want to view it BIGGER(lol), it'll be at my site.<3


Wednesday, January 13, 2010


i've done it again... FULL BODY. <3
and what's more, it's HAWT.
but this time i kinda went a little too far... i just felt that it'd be super wierd if i were to draw in the clothes, so i left it nude.

and i was thinking of whether or not should i put it up in my blog...
so before that nude artwork, shall start with a safe one. (*>w<)b

it's for my friend yunn<333
she was asking if she could use my profile pic(left side of blog), and i was like, i'll draw ya one instead! XD it didn't take me too long, so it's alright~

lastly, the nude artwork.



i thought i did a pretty good job since i didn't have any reference pictures for this one. yes, again with the kiss marks and bite marks, i just love including them<3 it makes the pic 10 times more hawter.

it's my first time drawing this sort of pose, so the anatomy might be wrong. i've also got a 2nd version which has another dude on top of him. get it? (=w=*) it's probably either M18 or R21 so i'm not gonna paste it in my blog. lol!

will practice drawing more different poses<3
and i just have to get myself a website where i can stuff all my artworks in!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


i am gonna stop by the bookshop tomorrow and buy myself some a4 books. with or without lines, whichever's cheaper. gonna start by drawing some 「ネーム」 aka rough manga panels. hell yea i'm determined to get this done !

and something else, finally i've drawn something that i'm rather satisfied of!
oh and errh, PG for perviness? or is it enough to be considered NC-16...

afew points as to why i like it so much,
1. it's a full-body male (yes he's a dude.)
2. it's hawt
3. it's sexy
4. it's a hawt & sexy dude wearin only a shirt. (no pants, yep.)
5. he's got kiss-marks & bite-marks .

plus i have the nude version which i ain't gonna share . X3

i had a real hard time drawing the leg. i can't draw legs for some reason. lack of practice perhaps, shall work on it more the next time. it's been awhile since i last drew a full-body one, so i hope the anatomy is alright.

also, maybe i like comparing myself with other's artworks too much. maybe i should stop doing that... it's making me feel bad about myself and all stress out.



Monday, January 11, 2010

1 piece each day

i feel that there's a need to draw atleast one artwork a day.
be it rough sketches or finished work.
and i shall accomplish that!! \(*'w'*)/


i'm lacking mangas to read and that caused me to start rusting.
and i kept having ideas for my story but i don't know how to write it down!
i wanna draw it out but I CANT DRAW. WTF.


Sunday, January 10, 2010


i've been writing an original story recently, there's no title to it yet and it's incomplete. i'm expecting it to be quite long. but who knows? lol. i kinda like this story that i've thought of, gonna put in my best finishing this one.

i was thinking of drawing it out. but i've gotta atleast complete chapter 01 first i guess.

then a little something i drew base on my story,

i didn't color it seriously so just ignore my sucky coloring.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


i've been trying to organise my folders recently.
it's taking me a rather long time, and that's what i get for not organising them for almost half a year. i've just cleared like, 20GB of my harddisk space. how awesome is that? XD

but seriously though, i should get myself either a 1TB ext.hdd or a 500GB one. whichever's price seem reasonable. hopefully a 1TB one though. <3


and i should bring my laptop for "servicing" soon. 2 of my 3 usb port is failing and i have to get them fixed. not sure if it's possible.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

manga marathon II

Fake x7 Volumes + 5 extras
Kizuna x10 Volumes
=17 Volumes & 5 Extras


i've also finished watching the OVA <3
it was awesome ! though i'm not that fond of the seiyuu casting but i'm satisfied. this series have so much potential to go further! and i mean it. rather then an OVA, making it into a full anime tv series is so much better!

although it IS another old work but hey, it has potential to be a great anime.
detective story + characters with all sorts of characteristics.
since Ai No Kusabi is going to be re-made, why not Fake? it's a classic. <3

re-reading KIZUNA completes my day.
the 10th volume is not the end though, as i've said a loadsa times,


hence, i'm gonna ignore volume 11 lol.
i absolutely ADORES the manga, and that is why i ain't gonna read it. i'll just shed tears again. so i'm going to just persuade myself that it has not ended yet. ('w')b

been awhile since i last drew my beloved BASARA character, Hanbee♥

it's more like a cg practice though.
i'm rather itching to draw more hideyoshi/hanbee & setouchi pairings. (/w\*)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

manga marathon

love mode x11 volumes + 2 extras
kusatta kyoushi no houteishiki x10 volumes + 1 extra
= 21 volumes and 3 extras



again, i just wanna say I DON'T LIKE LONG SERIES ENDS.
man i cried the shit out after reading the last volume of Love Mode. seriously, my eyes went red after that.


afterwhich comes Kusatta Kyoushi No Houteishiki. again with the tears!! ARGH. yes i like happy endings. but i DON'T LIKE ENDINGS. i don't like it when a story ends... i know i'm just being emotional.

it's like, you watch'em grow and now everything just ends.
ya know how i feel? man i felt like crying again sigh.
both mangas are just so painful for me to let go...
there's so much angst in Love Mode, then the growth of the characters in Kusatta Kyoushi No Houteishiki...

it just pains me when they've ended...
not to mention both mangas are O.L.D. and i mean REALLY OLD.
still... don't know if there's any chance, but i'm really hoping that the mangakas will draw some spin-off or more extras or some sort... 'cos these two mangas's stories are GOD-LIKE. A LEGEND I SAY.

alright, time to re-read the two titles again.

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