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Thursday, January 7, 2010

manga marathon II

Fake x7 Volumes + 5 extras
Kizuna x10 Volumes
=17 Volumes & 5 Extras


i've also finished watching the OVA <3
it was awesome ! though i'm not that fond of the seiyuu casting but i'm satisfied. this series have so much potential to go further! and i mean it. rather then an OVA, making it into a full anime tv series is so much better!

although it IS another old work but hey, it has potential to be a great anime.
detective story + characters with all sorts of characteristics.
since Ai No Kusabi is going to be re-made, why not Fake? it's a classic. <3

re-reading KIZUNA completes my day.
the 10th volume is not the end though, as i've said a loadsa times,


hence, i'm gonna ignore volume 11 lol.
i absolutely ADORES the manga, and that is why i ain't gonna read it. i'll just shed tears again. so i'm going to just persuade myself that it has not ended yet. ('w')b

been awhile since i last drew my beloved BASARA character, Hanbee♥

it's more like a cg practice though.
i'm rather itching to draw more hideyoshi/hanbee & setouchi pairings. (/w\*)

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