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Sunday, January 31, 2010


Man work is hectic.
Especially when you're working in chinatown when chinese new year is coming. During weekends are WORSE. The croud just don't stop coming. It's great when you know you're earning money, but man... It's tiring.

Moneys are hard-earned.

I've been lacking sleeps, and at the end of each day, my heels will be sored and in deep shit. It's really tough. Don't get me ranting on some customers, they're hard to please. Some were fine though.

Working in a market is like hell, but since it's my dad's store, I don't get yelled at often. Pretty much to none. But it's still hell to me. XD;

The place that we're in charge of~
As usual, selling "Yu Sheng" like last year.
Seriously, next year, I'm gonna get an air-conditioned job LOL.

Typing this now is already tiring me. I'm like, really sleepy right now. But I guess I won't be asleep till 12am+. There's still mangas that I need to catch up on.

Today at Grandpa's house was AWESOME. XD
It's hella fun. A good way to relief stress I must say. Enjoyed chatting and fooling around with my cousins!! Love ya guys. ALOT! =D

Little Shanice's another medicine for me. She's such a cutie pie!! Absolutely adorable!! She's getting more and more talkative and playful!! Love that. XD

(This is taken from X'mas last year.)
Sometimes you just need a little healing from an innocent child. =3
Oh btw, I've managed to teach her a new word!!
"变态" aka, Pervert LOL.
Sorry for being a bad sister. *hides*

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