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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Drama CD updates

I've cleared all the January drama cds that I've wanted to hear!
Dropped Manin Onrei at the last minute though.
Will pick it up again when the 2nd part is being released.

So for January, I've cleared a total of 7 titles!
〆Irome (25/1)
〆Cold Sleep (27/1)
〆Kirai Janai Kedo (27/1)
〆Inu Mo Hashitte Koi Wo Suru (27/1)
〆Mitsuhada Bijin (27/1)
〆Jigoku Meguri (28/1)
〆Mankai Darling (28/1)

Every title's fine except for Mankai Darling I guess. The story didn't flow so well, although it did follow closely to the manga.

Now for my February list!!
A total of 9 wanted cds. XD
7 mangas adaptations & 2 novels.

Yes I'm biased towards seiyuus. Nuff said.
Especially looking forward to I.D. & 黒衣の公爵.
Love the manga(I.D.) ALOT. And just because Terashi~~(Terashima Takuma) is growing a lot on me recently, I wanna hear every single one of his cds. X3 (when he's uke though <3)

For 黒衣の公爵. It's immediately on my list when I saw Tachibana's name on it!!! 立花!! He's gonna play a cold-beauty... I think, from the appearence of the novel's book cover LOL. His voice fits the role and I'm sure he'll perform it really well. He's just too good at that kinda role.

Can't wait for February's cds!! <3

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