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Tuesday, February 16, 2010



I know I'm pathetic, it's been 18 years and I've NEVER dated before.
Well, who would date a fat ugly pig like me anyway? So it's normal I guess.
People are just so fond of the outer-look now.
Girls must be hawt and sexy, that's what the boys are looking for.
I rarely see plus-size girls holding hands with a boy.
Not even on Valentines Day.
MAYBE there are some, but how few is it? 2%? 5%?
Hmm. Makes you wonder huh.

Nobody cares about the inner-beauty no more.
As long as they're hawt, they're good to go.
Who cares if they're a saint or a bitch.
18 years. I've never fallen for anyone.
Why? I know how I look, and I know my chances. So falling in love is risky.
I just shut myself up.
For them to accept a girl like me, pft, I must be dreaming.
I'm just trying to be realistic here.

No matter how hard I try to doll up myself, I'm still just a fat pig.
I look at my photos in disgust.
Why should I even try dolling up myself? I can just wear a t-shirt and a jeans looking the same in every picture.

This is not just low self-esteem.
It's the freakin truth of reality.


  1. For christ's sake, You're not ugly!
    Nobody's Ugly!

    We can't choose how we want to look like, right?
    So yeah, you have no reason to say you're ugly.
    I'm sure, you'll grow slim one day.
    Think mature! And jiayou slim down yeah!

  2. Thank youu. ;v;
    Yeah, you're right. No one's ugly!
    I'll pull myself together and work hard!!


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