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Monday, February 8, 2010

Day Off !

Yeah I got the day off today. (I think lmao)

Anyways, today my mom and I started applying our "Liese" hair-dye. Mine's Chiffon Beige while my mom's... I forgot lol. It took us 20 minutes+ to prepare and foam our hair, then another 30 minutes for it to settle down. The colour turned out pretty good. Except that when I wash my hair after that, it got tangled like hell and I dropped loadsa hair. (@ @;)

But it's fine now though. Gotta use conditioner more often now since my hair's kinda dry.

After that, we went down to the optical shop to get our new spectacle!!
Love my new black spect<3
We then head over to the salon and get our hair trimmed. My brother got a whole haircut though lol. His was bushy. I was kinda curious about how my hair will be like if I were to "perm" it. The lady was kind enough to show it to me by helping me perming it temperorarily!! (No extra cost!)

It turned out very good. (o_o;;)
As in, everyone was like, I look so much better with curly hair! Not afro-curl, but half-perm. I like myself more with curly hairs as well!! I am SO gonna get myself a curler, or whatever it's called.



Curlies!!! <333

My new spect!! Ain't it a cutie? (>w<*)

Curlies+New Spect!!!!! + SHOUJO-FACE LMAO.

My brother and I with our new spectacle<3

Man I just love my shoujo face LOLOL.

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