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Thursday, February 4, 2010


Purpose: To get to know myself more & to let you know my true self.
(Okay I'm just bored lmao.)

(Photo cheated by adjusting settings & chose the right angle)

Name: Cindi (Cindabelle)
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Birthdate: 10th December 1991
Nationality: Singaporean
Occupation: 腐女子 FU-JYO-SHI
Interests/Hobbies: Sketching, Sleeping, Singing, Gaming, Photographing
Likes: ♥BL ♥Seiyuus ♥Stitch ♥Hollywood Stars ♥Animals ♥Her Friends ♥Her Cousins(Father's Side)
Hates: ✗Roaches ✗Posers ✗Realists ✗Reality ✗Work ✗Lack of sleep ✗BGR ✗Wanna-bes
◎Illustrator ◎English Teacher(In Japan)
MARRIAGE? Yes. Before 25. (If possible)
KIDS? Yes. (Min. 3)
PETS? Kittens & Puppies.
➥Always sleeps with a pillow covering her eye.
➥A drama cd before bedtime.
➥Suddenly goes MIA.
➥Have serious mood-swings.
➥Have serious voice-fetish.
➥Squee at the sight of kids.
➥75% of the time sacarstic.
➥Can't lie with a straight face.
➥God damn lazy.
➥Very low self-esteem.
➥Don't like to interact with people she don't know.
➥Prefers staying indoor then outdoor.
➥Have a serious phobia of boredom.
SEIYUUS: ➸中村悠一 ➸羽多野渉 ➸杉田智和 ➸安元洋貴 ➸神谷浩史 ➸小野大輔 ➸平川大輔 ➸三宅健太 ➸下野紘 ➸柿原徹也 ➸立花慎之介 ➸鈴木達央
MANGAKAS:➣Yamane Ayano ➣Kodaka Kazuma ➣Minazuki Yuu ➣Minase Masara ➣Akira Norikazu ➣YURA ➣Takarai Rihito ➣Honma Akira ➣Takashina You ➣Kitakami Ren ➣Machiko Madoka ➣Yamamoto Kotetsuko ➣Yamada Sakurako
CELEBRITIES:★Johnny Depp ★Robert Downey Jr. ★Brad Pitt ★Angelina Jolie ★Anne Hathaway ★Keira Knightley ★Orlando Bloom ★Will Smith ★Steve Carell ★Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
SINGERS:♬Linkin Park ♬Alvin & The Chipmunks ♬Vocaloids ♬Daler Mendhi ♬JAM Project ♬Megumi Hayashibara ♬Elvis Presley ♬Justin Timberlake ♬Jesse McCartney ♬Do As Infinity ♬Beyonce ♬L'Arc~En~CieL ♬Gackt ♬UVERworld ♬Lady Gaga

To be updated.

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