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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Going Haywire


Work is tired as hell.

Seriously. My mind's going haywire.
I need my sleep, and my mangas.


My muscles are aching everywhere, it hurts A LOT.
That's what I get for not excercising regularly.
Laziness led me to my retribution.

And I find working with my brother a pain in the neck LOL.
WTF MUCH. (-w-;)

Anyways, I'll be continuously working for the next 3 days and a half.
Friday, being it the most hectic. Won't be home till 10pm. (I think.)

I can feel the presence of the Lord now...
But for the sake of MONEY,
I must persevere! Yep. Persevere.
And stop whining like some spoilt rich bitch.

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