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Friday, February 19, 2010


Caught up with the latest episode just now and it was GREAT.
I was having doubts about this anime at first and man I'm glad I've saw it. <3
So yeah there's a little romance in it, it's still alright. Acceptable.


I just can't help it but having the OP as my blog's background music!
The full single is releasing on the 24th of February, can't wait!!
Whilst, the ED's full single has already been released! Am listening to it now.

Can't help falling in love with Heiwajima Shizuo!! XDDD
The insane violent psycho LOL.
And Orihara Izaya, another psychopath LMAO.
Is it me or do I have a thing for psychopathics? <33

This two is dropping way too many hints!! Can't help smirking all over!
It's like,
Izaya likes annoying Shizuo >> Shizuo holds a grudge on Izaya.
They've been aftering each other's life since... FOREVER. XD

Epic scene from episode 3 <3

Did I mention how awesome is the background musics?
I am SO getting the OST if it's out.

@ 2:08, Shizuo's logic is simply splendid.
"You just went for my head, didn't you?"
"You know that you could kill someone hitting a vital spot on their head, right?"
"If you know this, then you were trying to kill me, right?"
"So you shouldn't have any complaints no matter what I do to you, right!?"

You're darn right Shizu-chan! XDDDDDDDD

Next, Izaya's "ex-hobby" made me laugh non-stop!

He's insane I tell ya!!!! XDDDDDDDDDD
This is the scene where I kinda fell for him LOL. BELIEVE IT OR NOT.
Looks fun though, maybe I should try stomping cellphones as a hobby too! 8D
Too bad Izaya's bored of it already though~

Funny guy. He just have to pick up the phone and drop it again then stomp on it.

I can't believe myself that I can get so addicted to Durarara!!<3

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