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Thursday, January 28, 2010

3rd Story - CHARACTERS

Tokimeki Memorial 3rd Story!!
yes i'm gonna fangirl over this again.
and i must say, is the artist biased over Ruka or what? XD
among all of them, Ruka's illustrations are the best LOL.

anyways, moving on.


Sakurai Ruka, aka THE PRINCE.
(Dream Seiyuu: Kamiya Hiroshi/Sakurai Takahiro)

the first charming guy i've layed my eyes on. i mean c'mon, look at him, who wouldn't like him at first sight? rebellious, cool, handsome. i swear he's going to be the first guy i'm going after. then again...

Sakurai Koichi, THE 2nd PRINCE.
(Dream Seiyuu: Suwabe Junichi/Itou Kentarou/Yasumoto Hiroki)

after hearing that he's Ruka's older brother, i'm like "WTF NO WAY." they just don't look alike! but they have similar traits. besides his scary looking face, he's actually really caring towards his beloved brother. he may not be the best looking guy, but after reading his personality and so, i'm coming to like him more and more. infact, i kinda like him more then Ruka now. XD

Fujiyama Arashi, THE SPORTY GUY.
(Dream Seiyuu: Maeno Tomoaki/Terashima Takuma)

he's the least appealing character between all of'em in 3rd story. maybe it's because of his looks? he looks normal maybe? or maybe there isn't enough love for the "sporty" kind of guy? but i'm so darn sure Kazuma in 1st love and Shiba in 2nd kiss's got more love. i actually find arashi's personality quite attractive. the hardworking type. i like that. ('w'*)

(Dream Seiyuu: Hatano Wataru/Hirakawa Daisuke)

the one point that i'm really interested in this dude is that he's Tamao's little brother! XD he's like the sweet gentle type, kinda like a good brother. i wouldn't mind having him helping me in my studies~ i'm really curious why he's so afraid of his sister though. LOL. TAMAO WHAT HAVE YOU BECOME AFTER 7 YEARS LMAO.

Niina Junpei, THE TRENDY GUY.
(Dream Seiyuu: Takeuchi Ken/Suzuki Tatsuhisa)

when i first read about this "kouhai", i thought, "oh must be another shorty." man was i wrong. thank you konami, i like being wrong. he's actually quite tall. and my first impression of his looks was SAEKI+HARI LOL. i'm not a big fan of trendy guys, but madoka in 1st love's different~ i'll see if i'll change my mind about him after playing the game. X3

Shitara Seiji, THE ARTISTIC GUY.
(Dream Seiyuu: Nakamura Yuuichi/Tachibana Shinnosuke)

one word, TSUNDERE.
rich, obnoxious and hell he's got an attitude problem. but hey, those are his qualities. XD besides all that, he's really good-looking. if we're going to rank by looks, he's definately in 2nd place after ruka. what makes him more attractive is that he plays the piano! and his hair, BEETHOVEN-INSPIRED LMAO.
=> Photobucket familiar? LOLOL.

now all that's left is the seiyuu, which will be released next month!
oh and they've yet to announce the TEACHER!!
and about the dream seiyuus above... i'll just pray hard LOL.

lastly, for the time being:

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