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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


i am gonna stop by the bookshop tomorrow and buy myself some a4 books. with or without lines, whichever's cheaper. gonna start by drawing some 「ネーム」 aka rough manga panels. hell yea i'm determined to get this done !

and something else, finally i've drawn something that i'm rather satisfied of!
oh and errh, PG for perviness? or is it enough to be considered NC-16...

afew points as to why i like it so much,
1. it's a full-body male (yes he's a dude.)
2. it's hawt
3. it's sexy
4. it's a hawt & sexy dude wearin only a shirt. (no pants, yep.)
5. he's got kiss-marks & bite-marks .

plus i have the nude version which i ain't gonna share . X3

i had a real hard time drawing the leg. i can't draw legs for some reason. lack of practice perhaps, shall work on it more the next time. it's been awhile since i last drew a full-body one, so i hope the anatomy is alright.

also, maybe i like comparing myself with other's artworks too much. maybe i should stop doing that... it's making me feel bad about myself and all stress out.



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