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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


i've done it again... FULL BODY. <3
and what's more, it's HAWT.
but this time i kinda went a little too far... i just felt that it'd be super wierd if i were to draw in the clothes, so i left it nude.

and i was thinking of whether or not should i put it up in my blog...
so before that nude artwork, shall start with a safe one. (*>w<)b

it's for my friend yunn<333
she was asking if she could use my profile pic(left side of blog), and i was like, i'll draw ya one instead! XD it didn't take me too long, so it's alright~

lastly, the nude artwork.



i thought i did a pretty good job since i didn't have any reference pictures for this one. yes, again with the kiss marks and bite marks, i just love including them<3 it makes the pic 10 times more hawter.

it's my first time drawing this sort of pose, so the anatomy might be wrong. i've also got a 2nd version which has another dude on top of him. get it? (=w=*) it's probably either M18 or R21 so i'm not gonna paste it in my blog. lol!

will practice drawing more different poses<3
and i just have to get myself a website where i can stuff all my artworks in!

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