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Thursday, January 14, 2010

personal website !

i've finally got my own personal website!!
been wanting this for quite awhile.

had a real hard time dealing with the html code but everything worked out fine with dreamweaver. <3 i'll be drawing more fanarts from now on, and so to advertise my site through search machines. hopefully it'll be fine. X3;

don't really got much confident in it since my artworks are pretty sucky...
i'll still put in my best effort nontheless!

oh! and i've managed to color up the nude model. XD;
it looked 20 times more rated then the uncolored one now. LOL.
i was thinking whether or not i should post up this blog...

upon minutes of thinking, i will. LOL.
so once again.



again, i didn't color it seriously, but i kinda prefer it this way. simple and well, easy lol. the original size of this one is way bigger the what i have here. i'll be uploading the original file to my website. if ya want to view it BIGGER(lol), it'll be at my site.<3


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