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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

manga marathon

love mode x11 volumes + 2 extras
kusatta kyoushi no houteishiki x10 volumes + 1 extra
= 21 volumes and 3 extras



again, i just wanna say I DON'T LIKE LONG SERIES ENDS.
man i cried the shit out after reading the last volume of Love Mode. seriously, my eyes went red after that.


afterwhich comes Kusatta Kyoushi No Houteishiki. again with the tears!! ARGH. yes i like happy endings. but i DON'T LIKE ENDINGS. i don't like it when a story ends... i know i'm just being emotional.

it's like, you watch'em grow and now everything just ends.
ya know how i feel? man i felt like crying again sigh.
both mangas are just so painful for me to let go...
there's so much angst in Love Mode, then the growth of the characters in Kusatta Kyoushi No Houteishiki...

it just pains me when they've ended...
not to mention both mangas are O.L.D. and i mean REALLY OLD.
still... don't know if there's any chance, but i'm really hoping that the mangakas will draw some spin-off or more extras or some sort... 'cos these two mangas's stories are GOD-LIKE. A LEGEND I SAY.

alright, time to re-read the two titles again.

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