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Friday, January 29, 2010

Irome & Cold Sleep

I'll start with Cold Sleep first,

I've read reviews about the novel that it's GOD-LIKE.
Really well-written, so I got curious about how the drama cd will be and what kind of story is it that got so many fans talking about it.


After listening to it, I'm really impressed...
Overall, it's BITTER-SWEET.
It starts with angst, lots of angst. Then it turns sweet. Which is my cup of tea.

The story's revolves around this 25 year old guy, Takahisa Tooru, who lost all his memories due to an accident. He was then rushed to the hospital. Nobody came for him except for one person, Fujishima Keishi. He claimed to be Tooru's best friend and asked Tooru to go live with him.

Fujishima's a man of few words, doesn't speak much. But he really cares for Tooru. There's a lot of misunderstandings and happenings between Fujishima and Tooru. All's well in the end though. I got seriously freaked out when Fujishima got stabbed!! Although I know he's not gonna die lol, but still it saddens me. I'm glad everything's okay.

2 discs = 2hr+ worth of story.
Sad there isn't any freetalks though. X3;
I hope to see their improved relationship!! So for the next two episode, I am SO gonna listen to it. Hopefully it's going to be a real happy ending for this two. Unlike "Borderline" which had me depressed for afew days lol! Don't get me wrong, I really like Borderline's story. XD
Consider it another classic.

Next, IROME.

They're sweet, caring and cute! TOO CUTE.
A real romantist I must say.
There's two stories in this one, featuring two different couples, but they're connected though. I kinda preferred the second one, "Chaos".

"When you've graduated, grown taller and became more matured, then you come back to me again."

That's how Shiragawa, a teacher, rejects student's proposal. It mean nothing, simply just to reject them cos noone will ever come back. But there is one. Mibuya, who once confessed to Shiragawa but got "rejected". Then after he graduated, he came back again growing taller and ofcourse, became a mature adult. Although Mibuya knew Shiragawa's not serious about that, but he still changed for him.

They got together somehow. Don't wanna type too long. XD
You gotta love Mibuya!! He's so hardworking and sweet!

Anyways, for this month. I've finished two drama cds that I wanted to hear.
There's somemore though lol. Am waiting PATIENTLY. YES. I'M WAITING PATIENTLY.
(*Note the sarcasm) (ノヮ`*)

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