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Saturday, April 17, 2010

A friend's birthday. &59♥

More like mah wife's. ♥
Just stay cheerful and crazy as always. ♥

Had fun hanging out with my wives today.
Chatted lots and it always feels great talking tons of stuffs with them.
And something I've learned today:
You'll end up with mc'donald.

Oh well, we'll eat Saizeriya next time 'kay? XD
(Or maybe Botejyu... Although it's kinda expensive.)

Thanks Rui for treating us to eat this, Pino. ♥
It's delicious! Too bad there's no stars in this one. Maybe next time. bb

I had my eye on this anthology for a week or two, but I'm not sure whether if it's Gokudera uke or seme-base. After checking it up and made sure that it's uke-based, I've managed to buy this book.♥

Funny thing about this book is when I'm paying for it at the cashier.
For the first time, the cashier asked me about my age LOL.
Well she IS a different cashier from the previous one, which is a guy btw, and I've let him handled 4, 5 of my Hitman Reborn BL anthologies and he has never asked me about my age.

Thank god I'm already 18 and good to go. X3;;

Alright about this book...
"Decoration Hayato, mou ikkai!"
There's 1859, 2759, L59 and most of all, 8059♥♥♥

L59 is pure weird to me.
1859 feels darn yuri.
2759 was alright but I still don't feel right about it.
8059's the best.♥

Okay I'm being bias.
No offence to the above pairing shippers. XD;;
It's overall a really good book though. I'm satisfied with it!
Now I need more TYL 8059 stuffs.

Sure hopes that Kinokuniya Liang Court will start re-stocking their KHR anthologies.
Decoration Hayato's already the 6th book I've bought from them!
There's still some that's got my attention but I've yet to buy. Maybe I should go for the Varia-based anthology... Then again, recently I'm liking 6927.♥ I might just buy off 3/4 of the KHR anthologies available there lmao!!

Addictions are oh so frightful.♥

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