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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn

I didn't think I'd get so addicted. Seriously.
I use to think that the anime is way too long and judged it like any other JUMP manga/anime. Guess I'm so darn wrong.

In every single arc, putting the fillers aside, never fail to surprise me.
I had my jaw dropped wide open when each arc concluded.
The future arc was the best one ever.

Alright part of me urges me to watch it because of the possible pairings, but now, I kinda like the whole picture more than certain pairs now. As in, the Vongola Family. I'm seriously touched by them. And I've grown fond of some characters whom I used to think nothing of.

It's a great anime unlike Naruto or Bleach. Not that I've got anything against them, but it's the truth. The whole Famiglia setting is awesome. The new ending song even had me teared.

Now I wish KHR will not end. Atleast not any sooner.
I want it to last. Longer than Naruto. I don't mind if it's fillers,
I just wanna see their lifestyle and everything. :3


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