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Friday, April 9, 2010

More Reborn addiction


Seriously. I'm officially broke.
And there's still anthologies that I want.
But I guess that'll have to wait, maybe next week. ;w;
Tried ordering the latest Girl's Style issue but I'm late...
Will call up the Orchard branch tomorrow and hope that I can still get it. *prays*

Anyways, here's my spoils for today.
I was actually gonna spend my money on anthologies,
but I just couldn't help it but want these 2 mangas. XD;
2 of my favorite mangakas♥

4 Hitman Reborn Comic Anthologies!♥♥
Xanxus x Squalo, Yamamoto x Gokudera, Dino x Hibari
and Hibari-uke.♥

I've yet to read them, but I'm liking them already.
Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with my spoils today. X3

Also, I've changed my wallpaper!
Can't resist. ;3

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