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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Moar Anthologies

Finally, my reborn anthology book collections now have over 10 volumes.

Yesterday Kinokuniya's having a 20% discount for all members, can't help but grabbed however much I can. Am just happy enough that I got my Reborn Colore artbook♥
Wished it'll be bigger though, but oh well♥

Yesterday's spoils♥

Got 2 more last week as well.
Noticed the anthologies I bought are either Gokudera!uke or Hibari!uke?
Biased yes.♥
Wanted to get some 6927 ones but I can't find it!
There's afew Tsuna!uke based ones but I can only accept 6927 & 4827.
So if I were to buy the Tsuna!uke based anthologies, I'm sure I'll be spammed with 5927 and 1827 short comics... Which I DO NOT WANT. :3

Hopefully Kinokuniya Liangcourt will import more reborn anthologies!

Current reborn anthology collection... And still counting. -w-b

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