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Saturday, December 12, 2009

went karaoke


went karaoke with Rui and Chian @ Liang Court!!
it's been awhile since i've last went to party world(karaoke)


wanted to take more pictures but due to my f*cked up hp cam,
that's all i've got. seriously need to get a new phone.^p^



although there aren't many jap songs, i had my fun singing. it's been so long since i last sang chinese songs! MAY DAY song's the BEST. <33

oh and can you believe there's a leg massage machine in the karaoke room!? i totally lmao-ed my lungs out. tested it out myself and man it's comfortable and painful.

after karaoke we head for kinokuniya.
couldn't get my girl's style magazine... apparently you need to "reserve" in order to buy it. subscribe perhaps? troublesome much. wonder if i could get it ASAP somewhere online. since i couldn't get my GS mag, bought newtype romance instead, it's alright i guess.

came across a weird lady while waiting for the bus home.
reached home @ about.. i don't know, 9pm? 10pm?
realised that i've yet to take my dinner yet LOL. so ate instant noodle instead.

had a great day overall, we should totally head out again. XD

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