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Friday, December 4, 2009


got curious about this "touhou" game that everyone's been talking about over at niconico. there are also tons of fan-videos on it. google-ed abit and found the official site to the game. apparently it's a fan-made STG(shooting game).

there's the demo versions over at the site,
started playing a little to see how was the game like, and it's quite amusing XD
i had fun, thats all it matters right? LOL.


the characters were so darn adorable as well! LOLIS. LOL.
they're just too cute!! again, i asked my listeners if there are male characters in this game. and there are. but, little to none. XD;

now i understand why this game is much popular among guys. LOL.


i've managed to clear easy and normal mode. although i died like, loadsa times.
when i tried hard mode, i got the "game over" screen at the last boss fight LOLOL.
guess i died too much.
there's one more mode that's the hardest of them'all. LUNATIC MODE.
i died straight at STAGE 1 LOLOL. pathetic much. it ain't human!!

but well, overall, the gameplay's good. and i like the characters. X3
might become a touhou-addict. ^p^

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