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Thursday, December 3, 2009

BM's Birthday!!

Happy Birthday!!


Yesterday at midnight everyone on skype was getting nervous. LOL.
Especially Knt(Kanta, net friend), she's the one in-charge of the editing of the birthday song we sang. She had managed to put them all together and it sounded AWESOME. Yukino's SO obvious among us. XDD Kuran sounded obvious as well because he's the only guy LOL. Everyone else blended in the harmony so well!!

I can't hear my voice though LOL.
Well, managed to record it in time yesterday and send it to Knt. ^p^;

During the celebration broadcast, BM received like, loads of illustrations!! Each and every one of'em were awesome!! Neatly drawn! Unlike mine!! The greatest of'em all is ofcourse, Shoka-sama's. It's so perfectly done, it's like it has been drawn by one of those professionals!!

It was a superb day. X3

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