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Monday, December 21, 2009



↑it's been awhile since i last sketched on my sketchbook lol.

went to my grandpa's house today and they're watching final destination 4. i didn't really watch the whole thing since it's god damn gory and well, horrifying. to me that is.

still remembered the trauma after watching final destination 3, afraid to take the subway train(mrt) and rollercoaster rides LOL.

in FD3, there's nudity scenes. but in FD4, there's a f*cking sex scene LMAO. and guess what. we're(my cousins and i) watching in the living room, adults(aka, our moms and dads) were there watching with us as well.

teenagers and adults watching such stuffs are fine i know. BUT KIDS WERE THERE AS WELL WTFLMAO. and they're as young as... i don't know, say.. 8? and infront of'em is a big TV showing boobies and some pretty girl getting f*cked. how open-minded can our/their parents be? XD;

if they're fine with it, i guess i'll just shut my mouth about it lol.
i'm not in any position to nag about them.
(started reading/watching hardcore bl stuffs at the age 13)

i'll just put it as early stage sexual education lol.
as long as the kids don't go "try" it out lmao.

although it's just a short scene...
but man.. pr0n is just EWW.

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