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Monday, December 7, 2009


i've still yet to complete 3 other games and i'm already going to start a new one lol.
the game itself ain't new, it's called "Sweet Pool".

released in late 2008, but didn't have the courage to start it.

heard that it's sad and well, gory LOL.
as expected from Nitro+Chiral though, Togainu and Lamento's pretty gory as well lol, but ain't as gory as this one. NC-17 for violence perhaps? saw the CGs and for god's sake INTESTINES ARE EVERYWHERE LOL.

but after listening to the drama cds, i just couldn't help to want to play the game! tetsu and youji's relationship is just way deep! totally love it, although it's rather depressing. X3;

anyways, will update on the game abit more after i've started on it !!

side note:
finished taking my JLPT 3 and it's actually quite simple LOL. a little harder then i've expected though. 80% grade is possible, for once, i've actually got confident in passing a subject. XD;

side note 2:
it's 1:18am now and i've yet to sleep LOL. going out with my cousins today in the morning to the ZOO. how lame is that LMAO. well it's been awhile since i last visited the zoo, so i guess it's alright. X3

will be having fun! ciaos! (^w~*)/

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