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Friday, December 4, 2009


broadcasted the whole afternoon yesterday after MIA-ing for a few days.
since well, most of my listeners were guys, i've asked them about their thoughts on dating and girlfriends. and they're just too cute !! XDDD

Q. if you happen to fall in love, what would you do?
A. nothing (LOL)

they said they can't bring up the courage in them. XD
cute much!!

oh and dating spots too!! i asked about if they do have a girlfriend, where would they go for a date. answers were...


"places with nice scenery!"

"i'm not good at buying clothes, so i'd like to bring her with me to shop for clothes."

i kinda like the third idea, it's pretty good. =D
sometimes i wonder why they don't have girlfriends in the first place lol, i mean, they ain't so bad. or maybe they're just acting lol, i dunnoe~

broadcasting is fun when you have listeners like them. ^p^

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